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Convert the rectangular coordinates (3, 3) to polar coordinates. We see that the original point ( 3, 3) is in the first quadrant. To find θ, use the formula tan θ = y x. This gives. tan θ = 3 3 tan θ = 1 tan −1 ( 1) = π 4. To find r, we substitute the values for x and y into the formula r = √ x 2 + y 2. Math. Conversion between polar and rectangular coordinates. strictfp class MainClass { public static void main (String [] args) { double num, loge, log10, aloge, alog10; // Obtain input from user num = 0.111d; // Calculate and display the natural logarithm loge = Math.log (num); System.out.println ( "log base e = " + loge); // Calculate the ... Converting polar coordinates to rectangular coordinates Hi . I enter a plot using bearings; I then want to draw a building on this plot using rectangular coordinates. How do I get one side of the plot to allign with the rectangular coordinate system? TIA . missdraftmaster (not such a master right now) Report.Of course, this is nothing more than the usual transformation from polar coordinates to rectangular coordinates, where u is taking the place of the radius r, and v is the angle θ. The following picture shows this transformation applied to the rectangle. R = [0,3] x [0, 3π/4] in uv -space. The image of R is shown on the right. Concept: Polar coordinates ( r, θ) are another way to specify locations in the plane. They are related to rectangular coordinates ( x, y) by the formulas. x = r cos θ, y = r sin θ. and. r2 = x2 + y2, tan θ = y / x.