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For a ball, this is 0.47, and is a dimensionless quantity. A is the frontal area or frontal projection of the object. If you look at a silhouette of the object from the front, this is the area of that shape. For a ball, the frontal area is just the area of a circle, or π r 2. ρ (Greek letter rho) is the density of the fluid the ball is in.The CSS top property refers to the upper edge of the ball. So it should go from 0 till field.clientHeight - ball.clientHeight, that's the final lowest position of the upper edge of the ball. To to get the "bouncing" effect we can use the timing function bounce in easeOut mode. Here's the final code for the animation:JavaScript games are possible because of the canvas HTML element, which allows JavaScript to draw to the screen. You are not restricted to just the canvas; you can still manipulate the DOM however you want. You can imagine a game UI consisting of a combination of standard HTML elements and a canvas (or multiple canvases) for the main game play ...Ball bouncing at the window borders. This example is a bit more advanced. In the past, when our animated circle reached the border it jumped to the opposite border. ... If we flip the sign of the variable when touching the borders of the screen, it will look like the circle is bouncing at the borders. Tags: Code editor. You can make changes to ...